Who is the creator of Griffin Maille?

Hi, my name is Kristina Griffin the owner of Griffin Maille. I started making Chain Mail in early 2016, just shortly before my daughter was born. Im a mother and a wife originally from sunny California that moved to Austin, Texas for my husband’s career. I needed something to do while being a full time stay at home mom that would maybe bring in some spending money. I have always been very crafty and love working with my hands. I thought of chain mail when visiting the Sherwood forest faire in McDade, Texas. The things I saw were fascinating so I did some googling and took the first steps to becoming a Chain Mail artist.

Once I had a good hand on what I was making I did like most small craft artists do and created a shop in Etsy. It took me over a year to get my first sale and it was so exiting to finally have sold something I created. I used to always bounce around from one hobby to the next but chain mail has stuck with me and will always be my chosen craft. I do like to mix in different mediums with creating chain mail, like beading, leather work, wire wrapping, and decoupage. On of the greatest thing about this hobby is that there are many possibilities to be done. After being on Etsy for awhile, I still wasn’t making very many sales. Let’s face it; there are so many jewelry artists out there already, so it’s hard to stand out among them. So I thought “what can I do to be different?” I started creating decoupage and alcohol inked scales (small armour plates of various shapes and sizes) to add some uniqueness to my pieces. When I started posting them I got requests from other chain mail artists to buy just the scales themselves, so that they could add them to their creations. I then also started creating tutorials and providing kits, this has helped get my name out, and in turn has brought more sales.

When Etsy decided to raise their fees I was hit with the decision to stay and raise my prices to accommodate the rise in fees or branch of on my own. I decided it was time to create my own website griffinmaille.com powered by Wix. It felt like starting over because I didn’t have the free driven views that Etsy gets. I have to work harder to get visitors to my site, but I am hopeful that with time and determination my business will grow.